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Bihu 2020: Magh Bihu 2020, Bohag Bihu 2020 Dates & Rituals to Perform

Bihu 2020 is one of the major festivals celebrated in the Assam region of India. There are three types of Bihu celebrated in Assam, which are Bhogali or Magh Bihu celebrated in the month of January, Bohag Bihu celebrated in the month of April and Kati Bihu celebrated in the month of October. The main Bihu celebrations happen in the month of April. This festival is important not only in Assam but all over the country, where it is celebrated in different forms.

Bihu 2020

Bihu 2020: What is Bihu?

Let’s talk about this festival through our update Bihu 2020. The word Bihu is literally derived from the language spoken by the Dimasa Tribe, which is known to be an ancient tribe of the farmers. These people praise Lord Brai Shibrai, who is also known as Pita Shibrai. People belonging to the Dimasa tribe pay tribute to Brai Shibrai when the first harvest of the season is celebrated in the form of Bihu festival. They pray to Brai Shibrai for a healthy and wealthy life.

The meaning of the word “Bihu” is asking and “Shu” means spreading happiness in the world. Hence, the actual word was Bishu, which later turned into Bihu as the locals started calling it Bihu. The meaning behind celebrating Bihu is asking for happiness from the gods and goddesses and giving happiness to others.

The most colorful and happily celebrated Bihu is the Bohag Bihu which is loved by all the people of Assam. All the family members gather along with the relatives and friends to celebrate this festival with each other.

Magh Bihu marks the happiness of the farmers during the time when the harvested crops are cut. This festival is celebrated for one whole week in Assam.

The reason because of which Magh Bihu is also known as Bhogali Bihu is that during this event, Bhog or various types of special dishes like coconut ladoos, geela petha, Macchi pitika and Baingaina Khaar etc are prepared and served to all the family members and relatives who come to visit for celebration of the festival.

Dishes Prepared On Bihu 2020

Bihu 2020 brings a lot of tasty dishes with it.

  • Kheer is one of the major dishes cooked and served in all the three Bihus. Other than that, potatoes, Jaak, Masor Tango, Pitika and Mangsho are some other delicacies cooked during the festival.
  • All these dishes use different techniques to be cooked.
  • Pitika is cooked with the help of boiled potatoes, while khar is made following different recipe.
  • Jakh means curry which is made with the help of fresh green leaves.
  • Masor Tango is a dish which is made from fish. Mangsho is the name given to mutton curry which is another dish made during this festival.
  • All these dishes are cooked and served with utter hard work and love.

Bihu 2020 - Rituals To Follow

  • In Magh Bihu, the first day of the festival is known as Uruka. People make sheds out of the leftover hay near a river. This shed is known as Bhelaghar.
  • In the sheds or Bhelaghar, a dome is made with the help of bamboo, straw, wood, known as Meji.
  • All the villagers and relatives celebrate the festival near this Meji where they eat and dance near a bonfire for the whole night as a part of the celebration.
  • Kalai pulse is prepared to be eaten on this day.
  • The second day of the festival marks the beginning of Bihu after setting the Meji on fire.
  • All the people of the village gather around the Meji, and set it on fire and pray for good health and wealth while throwing various things in the Meji as a kind of offering to the Fire God.
  • After the Meji gets completely burnt, the ashes and the leftover woods are collected and thrown in the farms. It is believed that the fertility of the soil grows by doing this and the crops thrive.
  • All the people of the village perform the folk dance of Bihu during the celebration.

Above mentioned was the rituals to perform on the day of Bihu 2020.

Bihu 2020: Types Of Bihu Celebrated In Assam Bohag Bihu 2020

This festival will be celebrated on the 14th of April in the year 2020. This is a seven-day festival which is celebrated with great pomp by all the farmers and their families. These seven days are filled with merriment and holds importance for farmers who have worked really hard for their crops to thrive.

Kati Bihu 2020

During Kati Bihu 2020, the atmosphere becomes a bit toned, and a sense of solemnity prevails. The paddy fields remain at their growing stage in this duration. People recite the spells and rowa-khowa chants to ward off evil spirits and pests from the fields. also, the ritual of offering salvation to the ancestors is also performed on this day.

Bhogali Bihu 2020

Bhogali Bihu 2020, also known as Magh Bihu, brings with itself the time of merriment for the farmers when their granaries are full and they have a reason to celebrate. People cook delicious food, sing and dance the whole night as a part of the celebration of the festival. There are also a number of rituals that are performed for the good yields and prayers are made to God for continuous blessings and happiness.

We hope that you like our article on Bihu 2020 and pray for your prosperous life. Wish you and your family a very happy Bihu from our side!

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