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Lohri 2020: Lohri Festival Dates, Muhurat

Lohri 2020 is a festival which is celebrated one day before Makar Sankranti. Lohri is celebrated in all parts of North India along with Punjab and Haryana with zeal. This is the time when new harvest is all ready to be cut, as the festival of Lohri is associated with the harvesting of new crops and planting new plants and crops. On this day, people dance and sing while sitting around the bonfire and eat jaggery, gajak and other sweets.

Lohri 2020

Lohri 2020: What is Lohri?

Lohri 2020 is celebrated in the Hindu month of Paush after sunset one day before the day of Makar Sankranti. This festival is mainly celebrated in the Punjab region, but entire North India celebrates this festival with enthusiasm.

A lot of people from Punjab have settled in other countries and along with them, they have taken their values and culture overseas, due to which Lohri is also celebrated in countries like Canada. The word Lohri comprises of three words, where Lo means wood, Oh meaning dried cow dung and Di which means revari. All these three things are the major requirements for the celebration of Lohri.

Extreme cold can be witnessed in the Hindu months of Paush and Magh, where a bonfire offers great relief and eating jaggery and til keeps the person warm as well. This festival is a celebration of the hard work that the farmers have put in to attain green yields.

Lohri 2020: Traditional Importance of Lohri

The importance that the festival of Lohri holds can be understood by the tale of the daughter of Daksh Prajapati who was named as Sati (Goddess Parvati). She sat in the Yagya fire and it is her sacrifice which is remembered while celebrating the festival.

On the event, mothers give gifts to their married daughters. The gifts contain things related to their married life like clothes, sweets, revri and fruits. This festival shows the atonement of the mistake that Daksh did when he asked his son-in-law, Lord Shiva, to go out of his house. This was the information on traditional importance of the festival Lohri 2020.

Lohri 2020: Present Importance of Lohri

The importance of Lohri today is different from the traditional importance, as in the present times, this day is counted as the New Year day for the farmers.

Lohri 2020: Folklore Behind Lohri

According to folklore, on the day of Makar Sankranti, King Kans sent a demon named Lohita to kill Lord Krishna but before she could kill him, Lord Krishna killed her. This is a significant tale which is remembered on the day of Lohri. This marks the victory of good over bad. This festival (Lohri 2020) is also celebrated by the Sindhi people and famous among them by the name of Lal-Lahi

Lohri 2020: Importance of Songs in Lohri

Through this informative blog of Lohri 2020 we would explain the importance of Lohri songs. The songs that are sung in Lohri has a lot of significance, as they give out positive vibes and people sing it with utter happiness. It is considered to be very good to dance on the occasion of Lohri. These songs are composed with the words that demonstrate the happiness of the farmers and the good yields in the farm. There is a very popular story of a hero named Dulha Bhatti, who is loved by the people of Punjab. The songs sung in Lohri describe the might of Dulha Bhatti for which he is remembered.

Lohri 2020: Rituals Performed On Lohri

Do you know about all the rituals about this holy festival? Let us help you to provide all the information about rituals through our Lohri 2020 informative blog.

  • A few days before this festival, children go to the houses of people and collect money and offerings for the celebration, which is done altogether by all the people of the community, including the friends, relatives and family.
  • Another name for the festival Lohri is also Mohmaya or Mahamayi, which is used by children many times to collect money for the celebration.
  • After collecting the money, the children buy gajak and raveri which is distributed among the people when the Lohri celebration takes place.
  • The bonfire in Lohri is lighted in a lane or four-sided road, where all the people of the village or the area come together.
  • Everyone circumambulates around the bonfire during Lohri and throw the offerings like revri, gajak, peanuts and til in the fire as an offering to the fire god. Later, the leftover offering is distributed to the people.
  • At the time of night, women and men perform the traditional dance Gidda & Bhangra around the bonfire and sing the songs.
  • People cook various delicacies such as Sarso ka Saag, Makki ki Roti and Kheer.

Lohri 2020: Lohri and The Story of Dulla Bhatti

Almost all the songs that are sung during the celebration of Lohri mention the bravery of Dulla Bhatti. It is said that Dulla Bhatti was from the Rajput community. In some of the songs of Lohri, he is also called as a thief or a lootera in Hindi. He was a very kind-hearted and wise man (let’s describe the story through Lohri 2020 update).

It is said that Dulla Bhatti used to live in Punjab at the time when King Akbar was ruling the area of Punjab and many provinces were already under the East India Company. At that time in Sandalbar, which is now a part of Pakistan, girls were forcefully sold to be the servants of the rich people. To save the girls from being sold, Dulla Bhatti made arrangements to get these girls married with Hindu grooms and enjoy their lives safely. He was awarded the Hero of Punjab during that time, and worked a lot for the poor and needy people and saved them from exploitation.

Dulla Bhatti is also known as the Robin Hood of Punjab. He used to steal money from the rich people and distribute it among the poor and needy people. He was a person who was always ready to help the poor people and the one on whom the poor could easily rely on. During the celebration of Lohri, the bravery of Dulla Bhatti is sung in the form of songs and he is remembered for all the good work that he did for the people.

Every festival in India has its own importance. The diversity of India is united by these festivals which make a different atmosphere of happiness in the whole country during the festive time. A country like India which is totally dependent on the farmers have festivals like Lohri and Bihu which motivate the farmers for a happy life and hard work. The happiness that farmers feel when they see their harvest deserves a celebration and this is the reason that the festival Lohri plays a very important part in the lives of all the farmers. Farmers also have all the rights to live and enjoy their lives and this festival gives them all the freedom to enjoy the result of their hard work.

We hope that you liked the information about Lohri 2020 that we have provided to you. We wish you a very happy Lohri!

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