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Calendar 2020: List Of Indian Holidays

The motive of the Calendar 2020 update is to help you to schedule the yearly plan better. To proceed it further, we should be aware about the important dates of holidays and festivals falling in the particular year. We always want to celebrate some special days of our life to create a lifetime memory. With a systematic record of dates and time called Calendar or Panchang, it becomes accessible. Indians use Panchang in order to follow important dates and festivals as it incorporates the position of planets as well as principles of astronomy.

In Vedic Astrology, auspicious muhurat and impacts of planets are given much importance. Every religion in India has a similar way of calculating important dates, however the way of representing is little different. Few calendars are based on the relative motion of the Sun called Solar calendar, few follow the motion of the Moon called the Lunar calendar. Whereas, sp=ome are arranged on the basis of the movement of both the Sun and Moon, known as the Luni-Solar Calendar.

Calendar 2020: Types Of Calendars

We have listed below some important Indian Calendar based on systems followed by the diverse cultures. Here we go:

Indian Calendar 2020

It is a National Calendar which runs according to Gregorian year. It is based on the movement of Moon to represent different festivals and holidays of the year. The calendar 2020 is usually followed by Indian Government to announce the gazetted holidays and festivals of different religions which is also taken as public holidays.

Hindu Calendar 2020

Hindu calendar 2020 is based on the lunisolar system. There are twelve months in a year starting from Chaitra (April). The number of days are also seven in this vedic system. Tithis are calculated based on the movement of Moon.

Jain Calendar 2020

This is also one form of Calendar 2020 the ‘Jain Calendar’. Jainism follows the Solar calendar. This calendar has 12 months. Jain New Year starts from Diwali. Know the dates of several festivals such as Mahavir Jayanti, Mahavir Nirvana, Paryushan Parva Rambha, etc.

Chinese Calendar 2020

As per the Chinese culture, there is a unique system of predicting and calculating important dates and festivals. They follow the calendar system which is divided on the basis of 12 chinese zodiac animals. The New Year 2020 is the year of the Rat, which begins on January 25.

Tamil Calendar 2020

It is based on the principles of Vedic Astrology and calculated on the movement of Sun and Moon. Tamil Calendar 2020 follows an old pattern of calculating dates, festivals and fasts. The way of calculating dates in South India is way different from North India. The important dates and festivals are continuously announced officially every year.

Telugu Calendar 2020

Telugu native have their own way of celebrating or observing the fasts and festivals. Thus, It also follows a different calendar system. The month in Telugu is called as masam. Tithi represents dates. Muhurat is calculated based on the positions of planets, nakshatras and stars, like Hindu Panchang.

Islamic Calendar 2020

The other name of Islamic Calendar 2020 is Hijri calendar, which incorporates important days and festivals celebrated by Muslims. It constitutes 12 months and around 355 days in a year. The dates are determined as per the visibility of Moon in the sky and changes are made from time to time accordingly. It is not astrologically predicted through the position of Moon. This year, Islamic New Year will fall on August 19-20.

Printable Calendar 2020

Modern era follows the new version of calendars, also known as Printable Calendar 2020 or Planner. By doing this, you won’t be able to miss anything important. It is important to mention day, date and time etc while making a kundli of a new born baby or organizing any party. We won’t be able to celebrate festivals or know the holidays without checking dates on the calendar. Printable Calendar is always there to help you out and let you know, in case you forget important meetings, birthdays etc.

Bank Holidays 2020

Another part of Calendar 2020 is Bank Holidays 2020 calendar. Banks are responsible for the transaction of money and stable economy. Now a days, internet banking and other internet facilities are there to make it easier for us as well as bank employees. We can easily do any type of money transaction in a few seconds. In order to reduce your efforts, we are providing you a list of Bank Holidays in 2020. It is issued by the central bank, commonly known as the Reserve Bank of India.

Public Holidays 2020

Holidays are great for people to spend time with their peer groups. Nobody likes to work on festivals and important dates. Everybody must maintain a balance between professional and private lives. To enjoy the holidays in the year 2020, the list of Public Holidays 2020 is provided for your convenience.

Moon Phases 2020

Know about different Moon phases in the year 2020 with Lunar Calendar 2020. Know the visibility of FULL and New Moon throughout the year.

Stay tuned with us for more updates. Thank you for visiting our website!

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