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राशिफल 2016

Numerology 2016 is here to help you in planning your year ahead. The magical numbers will help you know what’s coming in your future life. So, read the numerology and plan 2016 in advance.

Vedic Astrology helps us find the origin of Numerology that varies from place to place. The science of numerology has changed many lives in positive way. Here you can read these predictions for FREE and make your life marvelous.

Numerology Number 1

Numerology number 1

2016 will bring some significant changes in life of people with Number 1 numerology. This year will be special, just like you. Some adventures might come your way. Some of you will be attracted towards spirituality. This year will boost up your energy level that will help you in completing pending tasks. Whole world will be a solved puzzle for you. Once more, you will love your life. Your past might try to hold you back but you have to look forward and stop being the victim of past. Just move on in your life and welcome the good changes that are coming. But yes, try not to be a Narcissist. The world hides black and white in itself. So, be careful in making decisions in your life and always chose the right path. The people under number 1, love changes and this year will satisfy this hunger of yours. For Number 1, this year will be dazzling and spectacular.

Numerology Number 2

Numerology number 2

Whether it is something significant or something that is not so important, the change is the only thing constant in this world. Be ready to experience some changes in your life. Your quality of being patient when it is actually needed, will be your support system in 2016. Do not rush in any situation to avoid trouble. Just believe in hard work and be patient to achieve success in your life. Your helping nature will enhance your progress this year. The pleasant personality of yours will bless you with friends and some romantic moments. A little chit-chat is not a bad option to wrap up the hangouts. Your love life will be good and quiet and you will prefer some leisure time at home. There might be some tiffs at home but nothing to worry about as such. Your family life will be sound and satisfactory. Enjoy your weekends thoroughly with family and friends.

Numerology Number 3

Numerology number 3

This is an amazing year for natives of Number 2. You will be gifted with lot of energy, creativity and intuitive power. Single people will do all the beautiful things to win the hearts. If you are already in love, this year will be magically romantic for you. The sunrise, sunset and even moonlight will become a part of your memorable moments. You will spend some sensual time with your life partner. Try to be simple and beautiful when it comes to your love life, as simplicity has its own beauty. If you are from media background, you will do great this year. In case of people from finance department, some relaxed time will be advised. For people doing business, this year requires some outing. Students are advised to focus on their skills along with book studies. Take care of your health this year and avoid high calorie food.

Numerology Number 4

Numerology number 4

This year is for serious people and if you are number 4, weird is the new cool for you. In 2016, you will deal with all the situations nicely and will choose to be with yourself. Challenge yourself like a sportsman and be a winner. You should also focus on enhancing your skills, keeping in mind your health. Healthy body is the key to confident work, so change your lifestyle to live a valuable life. Experiment with your working style to improve its quality but don’t forget to have fun on weekends. Try to increase your productivity to get good returns of your hard work as it will make you confident. Don’t forget to give time to your beloved. True success is when both personal and professional life is in sync. So, always maintain a balance between your personal and professional life because love can not be replaced by money.

Numerology Number 5

Numerology number 5

2016 is the time for big changes. You are the king of your life who lives life on his own terms and conditions. Your love life will be different from what it is now and it will add a memorable experience in your life. To have real fun, put in some extra effort. Be adventurous and move ahead champion! Your lack of confidence might overpower your success. So, be a scientist and experiment with the different chemicals of life to create a something new. Avoid hurting someone if you do not want to face the same. Take care of your health and plan your finances intelligently to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Girls are always ready to buy new things, but this year try to control that side of yours. And boys, understand that true love is not materialistic. Stay away from anything that can cause obesity related problems and also prevent yourself from pollution.

Numerology Number 6

Numerology number 6

The social life will be awesome in 2016 as it is easy for you to win hearts with your pleasant personality. You always confuse romance with love. But this time, if you really find true love, your life is going to change. You will love the person with all your heart and will get the same from your lover. Surely this love experience will take you to a world you have never been. You are a social person and that is good, yet maintain a distance. No one wants to get judged by others so do you. Remember that you are the only one who knows what is the best thing for you. Your health will be good if you will continue taking caring of it. This is a good year in case of money, but avoid unnecessary expenses. You will be loved by your colleagues but might be a little distracted. Students and teenagers must improve their concentration and be alert in social surroundings.

Numerology Number 7

Numerology number 7

Give some relaxing time to yourself this year. Spend some quality time with yourself and see the wonderful world around you. Strengthen your personality to get in sync with yourself. Change your living style and try something more interesting. Learn cooking, do some exercise, study or just fall in love! Just do anything you want to and you will enjoy it. People under number 7 are spiritual and deep. Either ways, you are a person who knows the truth within but never show it. This year wants you to take things lightly. Students are advised to take care of their health along with their studies. Health and finance will be good throughout the year. Your love life will be going great too and also make sure you are affecting your family in a good way. For music lovers, it is suggested to enjoy your favorite music and enjoy 2016.

Numerology Number 8

Numerology number 8

It will be good for you to maintain a balance between your capability and work. People with number 8 numerology need to pull up their socks and start over. You should start working in one direction to achieve your goal but do not pressurize yourself. Keep your spirit high and be open to learn new things. Your creative mind will help you find new ways around you. Be your own idol and never compromise when it comes to your happiness. For a real progress in life, always be true to yourself. Go out with family and friends. Share some happy moments with children. Live your life as wisely as you can and yes don’t forget to fall in love. Students need to focus on their studies as this year is very important for them. Also, teenagers are advised not to indulge in anything wrong that will affect their future negatively.

Numerology Number 9

Numerology number 9

Some extreme changes will come in the life of people with number 9. You will feel a new you in 2016. Use your time intelligently. The benevolent nature of yours will do some charity. Your love life will be blissful and full of beautiful things. Your family will love and support you even more this year. The beautiful memories you will cherish with your lover will bring a new life in you. You will be doing good at your job and some of you might be changing job. Businessmen will most probably start a new venture this year. The finances will be in your support if you are able to manage it wisely. Health will require some care but there is nothing to worry about. Students are also advised to take out some time for exercise as it is very important for mental growth along with physical. Do not exhaust yourself with stress. Be happy and spread happiness around you.

Thus, the predictions of Numerology for the year 2016 end here. Read these interesting and trusted predictions for a better future.

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