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When Parzaan’s father feared for his Sikandar...

20 August, 


He may be playing a gun-wielding young man in his upcoming film Sikandar, but Parzaan Dastur of Parzaania fame had a tough time while shooting for this film, courtesy his father. In fact, on one occasion the director of the film Piyush Jha had to intervene to soothen the ruffled feathers of Parzaan’s father.


It so happened that the whole crew was getting ready to shoot a fighting  sequence. Parzaan, who plays the lead role in this film was needed to be beaten up by the villain Arunoday Singh in this scene and  Piyush, along with the stunt masters had worked out a way to do it so convincingly, which on screen would look as if Arunoday was actually breaking Parzaan's bones.


Parzaan's father was also present on the sets of the film and he got scared looking at the heavy frame of Arunoday, who plays a hardcore terrorist in the film. His 6ft 2 inches muscular body may well have fitted him perfectly into this role, but it was too much for the actor’s father. When the action started, father got scared for his baby-faced son as he thought that he was really getting whacked. At this juncture, Piyush had to take matters in his hand. He stopped everything and spent time to make everyone aware of safety and cinema techniques. Later, Parzaan's father congratulated Piyush on the way it was shot so realistically yet with no injuries to anyone.


However, if you thought that the story ended there itself, then you are in for a big surprise. In fact, when everything was completed and Parzaan's father saw the scene on screen, he still squirmed feeling that his son was actually been beaten up.


Sikandar is a suspense thriller movie by Piyush Jha,made under the banner of Sudhir Mishra and BIG Pictures production. The film is about a 14-year-old boy of Kashmir (Parzaan Dastur) who finds a gun on his way back home and his journey to the darker side since then. The movie is slated to release on 28th August. 

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