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Tamil Calendar 2020: Tamil Panchangam, Tamil Festivals

Tamil Calendar 2020 provides you the complete information about the holidays & tamil festivals. In India, cultures and traditions are diversified according to the region or states. Tamil Nadu, earlier called as Madras, is one among these states with its own magnificence. This state is situated at the southernmost corner of India with Chennai as its capital. Greater part of the general population in this state communicate in Tamil. Hence, these people follow Tamil Calendar in order to manage their plans. Mentioned below is the list of Tamil Holidays 2020 & Tamil festivals:

Tamil Calendar 2020: Tamil Festivals and Holidays

Date Day Festivals
1 January 2020 Wednesday New Year
6 January 2020 Monday Vaikunth Ekadashi
10 January 2020 Friday Arudra Darisanam or Thiruvathirai
15 January 2020 Wednesday Pongal
24 January 2020 Friday Thai Amavasai
26 January 2020 Sunday Republic Day
1 February 2020 Saturday Rath Saptami
8 February 2020 Saturday Thai Poosam
21 February 2020 Friday Maha Shivratri
8 March 2020 Sunday Masi Magam
14 March 2020 Saturday Karadaiyan Nombu
25 March 2020 Wednesday Ugadi - Telugu New Year
2 April 2020 Thursday Ram Navami
7 April 2020 Tuesday Panguni Uthiram
14 April 2020 Tuesday Puthandu/ Vishu
26 April 2020 Sunday Akshay Tritiya
28 April 2020 Tuesday Sankara Jayanthi/ Ramanuja Jayanthi
4 April - 28 April 2020 Monday -Thursday Agni Nakshatram
6 April 2020 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
7 April 2020 Thursday Chitra Pournami
14 April 2020 Tuesday Tamil New Year/Puthandu/Ambedkar Jayanti
4 June 2020 Thursday Vikasa Vikasam
20 July 2020 Monday Aadi Amavasai
24 July 2020 Friday Andal Jayanthi
25 July 2020 Saturday Garuda Panjami
26 July 2020 Sunday Avani Avittam Rigveda
31 July 2020 Friday Varalakshmi Vrat
2 August 2020 Saturday Aadi Perukku
3 August 2020 Monday Avani Avittam Yajurveda
4 August 2020 Tuesday Gayathri Japam
7 August 2020 Friday Maha Sangada Hara Chaturthi
11 - 12 August 2020 Tuesday - Wednesday Gokulashtami/Ashtami Rohini
15 August 2020 Saturday Independence Day
22 August 2020 Saturday Avani Attivam Samveda/ Vinayagar Chathurthi
22 August - 2 September 2020 Saturday - Wednesday Onam
7 September 2020 Monday Maha Bharani
10 September 2020 Thursday Ashtami Rohini
15 September 2020 Tuesday Magha Shraddha
17 September 2020 Thursday Mahalaya Amavasai
2 October 2020 Friday Gandhi Jayanti
17 October 2020 Saturday Navarathri
25 October 2020 Sunday Ayutha Poojai/ Vijaya Dashami/ Saraswati Puja
26 October 2020 Monday Vidyarambham
14 November 2020 Saturday Deepavali/Lakshmi Poojai/Kedara Gowri Vratham
20 November 2020 Friday Soora Samharam
29 November 2020 Sunday Karthigai Deepam
19 December 2020 Saturday Subrahmanya Sashti
25 December 2020 Friday Vaikuntha Ekadashi
30 December 2020 Wednesday Arudra Darshan

This calendar is followed by the Tamil people living in the southern part of India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia i.e. Singapore & Malaysia. Tamil natives use this calendar for all their cultural and religious events. Tamil calendar, one of the ancient calendars, has its own importance and followed by the people of Tamil Nadu. It is based on the Hindu Solar Calendar.

Tamil Calendar 2020: Constitution of Tamil Calendar

Tamil calendar 2020 maintains a cycle of 60 years consisting of 12 months and 7 days like Hindu calendar. Few months in Tamil Calendar are considered most auspicious for performing any ritual, whereas few are considered inauspicious.

According to the tradition of Tamil people, every year always starts on the 14th of April. Mentioned below are the Tamil days along with its ruling lords:

Hindu Day Tamil Day Lord
Sunday Nayiru Sun
Monday Thingal Moon
Tuesday Sevvai Mars
Wednesday Puthan Mercury
Thursday Viyazhan Jupiter
Friday Velli Venus
Saturday Sani Saturn

Tamil Calendar 2020: Tamil Panchangam - Tamil Months

  • Chithirai: It is the first month of Tamil Calendar 2020. Tamil natives celebrate their new year on 14th April as per the Gregorian calendar. By that way, 14th May is known as the last day of Chithirai.
  • Vaikasi: It is the second month of the Tamil Calendar 2020, which starts from 15th May and consists of 32 days. The most favourable day in this month is Vaikasi Visakam, when Lord Muruga took incarnation.
  • Aani: It is the 3rd month consisting of 31 days. It commences on 16th June. This month is generally considered inauspicious for shifting from one place to another. Aani Uthiram is considered the most famous day of this month, associated with Lord Nataraja.
  • Adi: It is the 4th month commencing from 17th July to 17th August and consists of 32 days. This month is considered inauspicious for marriage related matters. Conception of a baby is not considered favourable during this month. It is the most crucial month for women and also has great religious significance. Each Tuesday and Friday of this month are considered the most auspicious days.
  • Avani: It is the fifth month of Tamil calendar 2020 commencing from 18th August and ending on 17th September. It comprises of 31 days. It is considered auspicious in order to celebrate auspicious events and rites and rituals. In this month, each Sunday is dedicated to Aavani Gnayiru. The most popular festival of Lord Ganesh is Vinayaka Chaturthi, which also falls in this month. It is also auspicious for marriages.
  • Purattasi: It is the sixth month of Tamil Calendar 2020. People generally avoid meat from their meals in this duration. Tamil people worship Lord Saturn every Saturday during this month. It commences from 18th September and ends on 17th October. It is the most essential month in Tamil Calendar as Navarathri, Vijayadashami or Ayudha Poojai all are celebrated this month.
  • Aippasi: It is the seventh month of Tamil calendar 2020 and commences on 18th October and ends on 16th November. During this month, Annabhishekam of Lord Shiva is considered auspicious. Deepavali, an important Hindu festival, also falls in this month.
  • Karthikai: It is the eighth month of Tamil calendar 2020 commencing from 17th November and ending on 16th December. As per the beliefs, fasting during this month provides maximum results. Monday is the day associated with Lord Shiva and dedicatedly offering prayers to him. Either 108 or 1008 sangabhishekam are dedicated to the Lord Muruga and Lord Shiva every Sunday.
  • Markazhi: It is the ninth month of Tamil calendar 2020 commencing from 17th December and ending on 14th January. It is considered auspicious for finding grooms for girls. Arudra Darisanam is considered auspicious for offering prayers to Lord Shiva. Thiruvadirai Kali, a kind of sweet, boiled pudding, is offered to Lord Shiva. People fast on these days for positive results and blessings of Lord Shiva.
  • Tai: It is the tenth month of Tamil calendar 2020 in which marriages are conducted. It commences from 15th January and ends on 12th February. Pongal, a popular festival, falls during this month. Thaipusam is a special day for Murugan devotees. Murugan devotees carry Kavadi to any one of the Aarupadai Veedu.
  • Masi: It is the eleventh month of Tamil calendar 2020 commencing from 13th February to 14th March. In this month, Magam is the special day. Shivratri dedicated to Lord Shiva falls during this month.
  • Pankuni: It is the final month of Tamil Calendar 2020, which consists of 30 days. The most popular festival this month is Panguni Uthiram dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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